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November Parish Council Change of Meeting Date

This is to advise that the previously published date for the November parish council meeting has had to be changed. The meeting will now take place on: TUESDAY 21st NOVEMBER
The meeting will be held in Beeston Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. The agenda for the meeting will be published in the preceding week as usual.
Charles Brindley Clerk to Beeston with Bittering Parish Council


392nd Bomb Group Memorial Association Report

Some of you may have noticed that during the first week of September The British Merchant Navy Red Ensign was flying from one of the flagpoles at the Beeston War Memorial.

Earlier this year we were approached by the Beeston Parish Council who had been asked by the British Merchant Navy if it would be possible to fly one of their flags at the Beeston war memorial to commemorate the 36,749 British Merchant Seamen and women who were killed during WW2. A further 5,720 were taken prisoner and 4,707 wounded in action. This total of 4,7176 represents a casualty rate of over 25%. These brave men and women worked on the merchant ships in the North Atlantic convoys that ran the gauntlet against the German U boat wolf packs.

We would like to thank Beeston Parish Council for providing the flag and we are very pleased to fly it in honour of these men and women who kept the country supplied during those dark years.

Henry Dennet