Services for October 2018 in the Parishes of the Upper Nar

Readings are taken from the Common Worship Lectionary

 1st SUNDAY – OCTOBER 7th – TRINITY 19 (Green)

Genesis 2:18-24 | Psalm 8 Hebrews 1:1-14,2:5-12 | Mark 10: 2-16

8:00am     Litcham               Said Eucharist           John Blore

9:00am     Lt Dunham          Eucharist                    Kevin Blogg

9:30am     Rougham             Eucharist                    David Sixsmith

11:00am     Mileham              Harvest Festival         Tom Butler-Stoney

11:00am     Wellingham         Harvest Festival         Miriam Fife

11:15am     Gressenhall         Harvest Festival         Julia Hemp

3:00pm     Longham             Harvest Festival         Julia Hemp

3:00pm     Gt Fransham       Harvest Festival         Miriam Fife

 2nd SUNDAY – OCTOBER 14th – TRINITY 20 (Green)

Amos 5:6-7,10-15|Psalm 90:12-end|Hebrews 4:12-end|Mark 10:17-31

9:15am     East Lexham*     Eucharist                    Kevin Blogg

9:45am     Beeston               Harvest Festival         Julia Hemp

9:30am     Longham             Morning Prayer         Jan Sexton

10:00am     Weasenham SP   Holy Communion       John Blore

10:15am     Litcham               Harvest Songs of Praise – Peter Brown

11:00am     Mileham              Café Church                I&T Butler-Stoney

11:15am     Gressenhall         Eucharist (†CW)        Julia Hemp

 3rd SUNDAY – OCTOBER 21st – TRINITY 21 (Green)

Isaiah 53:4-end | Psalm 91:9-end | Hebrews 5:1-10
 | Mark 10:35-45

9:00am     Lt Dunham          Eucharist (CW)          Julia Hemp

9:30am     Longham             Eucharist                    Heather Butcher

10:15am     Litcham               Sung Eucharist          Philip Butcher

10:30am     Gt Dunham VH   Family Service           Miriam Fife

11:00am     Mileham              Eucharist (CW)†        Heather Butcher

11:15am     Gressenhall         Morning Worship      Julia Hemp

5:00pm     Weasenham St Peter                              Peter Brown

Harvest Supper followed at 6pm by Songs of Praise for Harvest

 4th SUNDAY – OCTOBER 28th – 1st Sunday after TRINITY (Green)

Jeremiah 31:7-9 | Psalm 126 | Hebrews 7:23-end | Mark 10:46-end

9:45am     Beeston               Matins                      Heather Butcher

10:00am     Weasenham SP   Morning Prayer      Peter Brown

10:15am     Litcham               Matins                      John Blore

10:15am     Stanfield             Iona Communion     Miriam Fife

11:00am     Tittleshall            Eucharist                 Julia Hemp

11:15am     Gressenhall         Iona Communion     Heather Butcher

3:00pm    West Lexham       Celebration bread-making service

to mark completion of repairs:  Heather & Miriam

6:30pm    Mileham              Evening Prayer       Miriam Fife

Services for NOVEMBER 2018 in the Parishes of the Upper Nar

 FRIDAY 2nd November – All Souls

6:00pm     Beeston               All Souls Service     Heather Butcher

 1st SUNDAY – November 4th – All Saints Day (Gold or White)

Isaiah 25:6-9 | Psalm 24:1-6 | Revelation 21:1-6a | John 11: 32-44

8am   Longham –           Eucharist                  Vivian Singh

Manor Cottage

8:00am   Litcham                Said Eucharist         Heather Butcher

9:00am   Lt Dunham           Eucharist                 Miriam Fife

9:30am   Rougham              Eucharist                  Heather Butcher

11:00am   Mileham               Morning Prayer       Tom Butler- Stoney

11:15am   Gressenhall          Morning Worship    Julia Hemp

3:00pm   Gressenhall          All Souls Service      Julia Hemp

 2nd SUNDAY – November 11th – Remembrance Sunday (Red/Green)

Jonah 3: 1-5,1|Psalm 62:5-end|Hebrews 9:24-end|Mark 1:14-20*

10:50am   Beeston Church   Remembrance Service   Heather Butcher

& American Memorial

10:50am   Little Dunham     Remembrance Service   Kevin Blogg

10:50am   Longham              Remembrance Service   Malcolm Wood

& Jan Sexton

10:50am   Lt Fransham        Remembrance Service   John Blore

10:50am   Weasenham SP    Remembrance Service   Peter Brown

meet at War Memorial

10:50am   Litcham                Remembrance Service   Dennis Ackroyd

10:50am   Tittleshall             Remembrance Service   Philip Butcher

10:50am   Mileham               Remembrance Service  Tom Butler-Stoney

in Village Hall

10:50am   Gressenhall          Remembrance Service   Julia Hemp

6:30pm   Mileham Church  Evening Prayer             Tom Butler-Stoney

with Remembrance

 3rd SUNDAY – November 18th

2nd Sunday before Advent (Red/Green)

Daniel 12:1-3 | Psalm 16 | Hebrews 10:11-14, 19-25 | Mark 13:1-8

9:00am   Lt Dunham           Eucharist (CW)           Heather Butcher

9:30am   Longham              Eucharist                    John Blore

10:15am   Litcham                Sung Eucharist          Dennis Ackroyd

10:30am   Gt Dunham           Family Service            Miriam Fife

in Village Hall

11:00am   Mileham               Iona Communion        John Blore

11:00am   Wellingham          Eucharist                    Heather Butcher

11:15am   Gressenhall          Morning Worship      Kevin Blogg

6:00pm   Weasenham          Evensong                    Peter Brown

St.  Peter

4th SUNDAY – November 25th – Christ the King (Red/White)

Daniel 7: 9-10 | Psalm 93 | Revelation 1:4b-8 | John 18: 33-37

9:30am   West Lexham        Eucharist                    Dennis Akroyd

9:45am   Beeston                Matins                         Julia Hemp

10:00am   Weasenham SP    Morning Prayer         Peter Brown

10:15am   Litcham                Matins                         Miriam Fife

10:15am   Stanfield               Iona Communion        Heather Butcher

11:00am   Tittleshall             Eucharist                    Philip Butcher

11:15am   Gressenhall          Iona Communion        Julia Hemp

6:30pm   Mileham               Evening Prayer          Tom Butler-Stoney

 1st SUNDAY – December 2nd – 1st Sunday in Advent (Purple)

Jeremiah 33:14-16 | Psalm 25:1-9

1 Thessalonians 3:9-end | Luke 21:25-36

8:00am   Longham              Eucharist                    Vivian Singh

at Manor Cottage

8:00am   Litcham                Said Eucharist           Heather Butcher

9:00am   Lt Dunham           Eucharist                    Miriam Fife

9:30am   Rougham              Eucharist (CW)           Heather Butcher

11:00am    Mileham               Morning Prayer         Tom Butler- Stoney

11:15am   Gressenhall          Morning Worship      Julia Hemp