Services for FEBRUARY 2018 in the

Parishes of Launditch and the Upper Nar

 Thursday 1st February

7:00pm     Tittleshall                 Candlemas           Julia Hemp


Second Sunday before Lent (green) / Sexagesimal (purple)

Proverbs 8:1 & 22-31 | Colossians 1,15-20 | Psalm 104 | John 1:1-14

8:00am   Litcham                      Eucharist               Kevin Blogg

9:00am   Little Dunham           Eucharist               Kevin Blogg

9:30am   Rougham                    Eucharist               Julia Hemp

10:00am   Wendling                   Eucharist               John Blore

11:00am   Mileham                     Morning Prayer    Dennis Ackroyd

11:15am   Gressenhall                Morning Worship Julia Hemp

7:00pm   Bittering                    Candlemas              Julia Hemp


Sunday next before Lent (green) / Quinquagesima (purple)

2 Kings 2:1-12 | 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 | Psalm 50:1-6 | Mark 9:2-9

8:30am   Beeston                       Eucharist              Julia Hemp

9:15am   East Lexham               Eucharist              Heather Butcher &

Miriam Fife

Joined by congregation of West Lexham while their church is closed.

9:30am   Longham                    Morning Prayer   Jan Sexton

10:00am   Great Fransham         Morning Prayer   Peter Brown

10:00am   Weasenham St Peter  Eucharist              Philip Butcher

10:15am   Litcham                       Mattins                  Kevin Blogg

10:30am   Tittleshall                    Eucharist              Heather Butcher

Miriam Fife

11:00am   Mileham                      Café Church,         Tom & Isabel


11:15am   Gressenhall                 CW Eucharist        Julia Hemp


Wednesday 14th February

Beeston 7:00pm – Ashing Service for the whole benefice

Julia Hemp and Miriam Fife

SUNDAY 18th FEBRUARY – First Sunday of Lent (purple)

Genesis 9:8-17 | 1 Peter 3:18-22 | Psalm 25:1-8 | Mark 1:9-15

9:00am   Little Dunham            Eucharist              Heather Butcher

9:30am   Longham                    Eucharist              Julia Hemp

10:15 am   Litcham                       Sung Eucharist     Kevin Blogg

10:30am   Gt Dunham                 Family Service      Miriam Fife and

Heather Butcher

11:00am   Mileham                      Eucharist              Philip Butcher

11:15am   Gressenhall                Morning Worship Julia Hemp

 FEBRUARY – Second Sunday of Lent

Genesis 17:1-7/15-16| Romans 4:13-end| Ps 22:23-31| Mark 8:31-end

8:30am   Weasenham All Sts    Eucharist              Heather Butcher

9:45am   Beeston                       Mattins                  Philip Butcher

10:15am   Litcham                       Mattins                  Peter Brown

10:15am   Stanfield                     Eucharist              Heather Butcher

11:00am   Tittleshall                    Morning Prayer   Philip Butcher

11:15am   Gressenhall                 Morning Worship John Blore

6:30pm   Mileham                      Evening Prayer    Tom Butler Stoney

Services for January 2018 in the Parishes of the Upper Nar

Readings are taken from the Common Worship Lectionary

Sunday 7th January – The Baptism of Christ (White)

Genesis1.1-5 | Psalm 139 | Acts 19.1-7 | Mark1.4-11

8:00am      Litcham        Spoken Eucharist   Heather & Philip


9:00am      Lt. Dunham   Eucharist Julia Hemp &

Miriam Fife

9:30am Rougham Eucharist Heather Butcher

9:45am Wendling Mattins Jan Sexton

11:00am Mileham Morning Prayer Tom Butler Stoney

11:15am Gressenhall Morning Worship Julia Hemp &

Miriam Fife

 Sunday 14th January – Epiphany 2 (White)

1 Samuel 3.1-10 &96 | Ps145 | Revelations 5.1-10 | John 1.43 – end

8:30am Beeston Eucharist John Blore

9:15am East Lexham Eucharist Heather Butcher

9:30am Longham Morning Prayer Peter Brown

10:00am Little Fransham Eucharist Kevin Blogg

10:00am Weasenham St Peter Eucharist John Blore

10:00am Litcham Mattins TBA

10:30am Tittleshall Eucharist Heather Butcher

11:00am Mileham Epiphany play in church

11:15am Gressenhall Eucharist (CW) Julia Hemp

Sunday 21st January – Epiphany 3 (White)

Genesis 14.17-20 | Psalm 128 | Revelations 19.6-10 | John 2.1-11

9:00am Little Dunham Eucharist Kevin Blogg

9:30am Longham Eucharist Julia Hemp

10:15am Litcham Sung Eucharist John Blore

10:30am Gt Dunham VH* Family Service Miriam Fife

11:00am Mileham Iona Communion Julia Hemp

11:15am Gressenhall Morning Worship Kevin Blogg

6:00pm Weasenham St Peter Evensong by Candlelight

Heather Butcher

 Sunday 28th January

Epiphany 4 (White)/ Septuagesima (Purple)

Deuteronomy 18.15-20 | Psalm 111 | Rev. 12.1-5a | Mark 1.21-28

8:30am Weasenham All Saints, Eucharist Jane & Robin Elphick

9:45am Beeston Mattins Peter Brown

10:00am Litcham Mattins Philip Butcher

10:15am Stanfield Iona Communion John Blore

11:00am Tittleshall Morning Prayer Kevin Blogg

Services for DECEMBER 2017 in the Parishes of the Upper NarReadings are taken from the Common Worship Lectionary

SUNDAY 3rd December-Advent Sunday (Purple)


Isaiah 64.1-9 | Psalm 80.1-7, 16-18 | Mark 13.24-37

9:00am     Little Dunham    Eucharist                     Heather Butcher

9:30am     Rougham             Eucharist                     JohnBlore

10:00am     Wendling            Eucharist                     Julia Hemp

10:15am     Litcham               Sung Eucharist           Heather Butcher

11:00am     Mileham              Morning Prayer          Tom Butler Stoney

11:15am     Gressenhall         Morning Worship       Julia Hemp

4:30pm     Litcham               Advent Carol Service  Jonathan Boston


Monday 4th December

7:00pm     Mileham Village Hall – Salvation Army Carols


SUNDAY 10th December- Advent 2 (Purple)

Isaiah 40.1-11 | Psalm 85.1-2, 8-13 | Mark 1.1-8

8:30am     Beeston               Eucharist                     Heather Butcher

9:15am     East Lexham       Eucharist                     Julia Hemp

9:30am    Longham            Morning Prayer          Jan Sexton

10:15am     Litcham               Mattins                        Philip Butcher

10:30am     Tittleshall            Eucharist                     Heather Butcher

3:00pm     Gressenhall         Carol Service               Julia Hemp

4:00pm     Gt.  Fransham     Carol Service               Heather Butcher

6:00pm     Mileham              Carol Service               Julia Hemp

6:00pm     Weasenham         Carols in the Green     Heather Butcher


Wednesday 13th December

4:30pm     West Lexham       Christingle                  Heather Butcher

Friday 15th December

7:00pm     Stanfield              Carol Service               Heather Butcher


SUNDAY 17th December- Advent 3 (Purple)

Isaiah 61.1-4, 8-11 | Psalm 126 | John 1.6-8 &19-28

10:15am     Litcham               Sung Eucharist           John Blore

10:30am     Gt Dunham (VH)* Family Service          Miriam Fife

11:00am     Mileham              Eucharist                     Kevin Blogg

11:15am     Gressenhall         Morning Worship       Julia Hemp

3:00pm     Longham             Carol Service               Julia Hemp

4:00pm     Tittleshall            Christingle                  Miriam Fife

6:00pm     Little Dunham    Carol Service               Julia Hemp

6:00pm     Rougham             Carol Service               Heather Butcher



Monday 18th December

6:30pm     Bittering             Carol Service               Julia Hemp

Tuesday 19th December

6:30pm     Litcham Family Carols with Nativity

Wednesday 20th December

7:00pm     Gt Dunham (VH)*Carol Service              Peter Brown

7:00pm     Wendling            Carol Service               Julia Hemp

Thursday 21st December

7:00pm     Beeston               Carol Service               Philip Butcher

Friday 22nd December

4:00pm     East Lexham       Carol Service               Heather Butcher

Saturday 23rd December

6:00pm     Litcham – Nine lessons and Carols with Jonathan Boston


SUNDAY 24th December- Advent 4 CHRISTMAS EVE (White)

Readings as per service leader

10:00am     Weasenham St Peter Eucharist Robin& Jane Elphick

5:30pm     Gressenhall         Christingle                  Julia Hemp

6:30pm     Wellingham         Carol Service               Bishop Jonathan

& Peter Brown

11:00pm     Gressenhall         Midnight Mass            Kevin Blogg

11:30pm     Great Fransham  Midnight Mass            Heather Butcher

11:30pm     Litcham               Midnight Mass            Philip Butcher


MONDAY 25th December- CHRISTMAS DAY (White)

Readings as per service leader

10:00am     Beeston               Family Service             Heather Butcher

10:00am     LonghamChristmas Eucharist               John Blore

10:00am     East Lexham       Family Service             Peter Brown

10:30am     Mileham              Family Service             Butler Stoney Family

11:00am     Rougham             Family Service             Heather Butcher

11:15am     Gressenhall         Family Service             Julia Hemp


SUNDAY 31st December- Christmas 1 (White)

10:00am     Tittleshall Group Service with activities for children

John Blore & Philip Butcher


SUNDAY 7th January-Epiphany 1 Baptism of Christ (White)

Genesis 1.1-5 | Acts 19.1-7 | Psalm 29 | Mark 1.4-11

9:00am     Little Dunham    Eucharist       Julia Hemp& Miriam Fife

9:30am     Rougham             Eucharist                     Heather Butcher

9:45am     Wendling            Mattins                        Jan Sexton

10:15am     Litcham               Sung Eucharist           Julia & Miriam Hemp

& Miriam Fife

11:00am     Mileham              Morning Prayer          Tom Butler Stoney

11:15am     Gressenhall         Morning Worship       Heather Butcher


Mid-week Eucharist:  All Saints Litcham every Wednesday at 9:30am.

Sunday Evensong at 4pm, Litcham  taken by Revd Jonathan Boston.

Other Services:

A full list of all the Upper Nar and Launditch services can be viewed or downloaded from the Litcham website, visit and click on ‘Services’ link at the top of the page.



All enquiries should be directed to the Priest in Charge, Upper Nar & Launditch group of Parishes, Canon Heather Butcher, (Rector)

The Rectory, Pound Lane, Litcham, PE32 2QR

Phone: (01328) 700 071 or email:

Or Reverend Julia Hemp (Vicar)

The Vicarage, 4 Lodge Farm Meadows, Gressenhall, NR20 4TN

Phone 01362 861380 or email:


10:30am Great Dunham Family Service Miriam Fife

Village Hall

11:00am Mileham Eucharist Kevin Blogg

11:15am Gressenhall Morning Worship Jan Sexton