Secretary’s Report Report to Parish Council  26th April 2016

There have been 4 PCC meetings, plus 1 extra ordinary meeting, held during the year.
The general pattern of services has continued as previously, services being held on the second and fourth Sundays, with occasional additional Sunday services.  There were no weddings, no infant baptisms and 3 funerals during the year.  Special services have included Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas.
Fundraising events have included, Lent Lunch, Norfolk Churches Trust Cycle Ride, Harvest Lunch and the Bonfire BBQ.  It is clear that to meet costs for urgent repairs, it will be necessary for the PCC to consider serious fundraising in the foreseeable future.
Our thanks once again go to the Parish Council who generously made a donation to our funds, enabling us to contract Mr Peter Cross to cut the grass in part of the churchyard.  Thanks also go to Rodney Walthew who regularly cuts the grass in other parts.  Thanks also to those who while tending family graves also kindly tend other graves, and generally tidy adjoining areas.  We do get numerous comments from visitors who notice how well kept our churchyard looks.
Huge thanks go to our excellent and loyal volunteers on the Flower Rota.  They all do a wonderful job in keeping the church interior attractive and clean.  We are also most fortunate in that we still have our own organist, and also dependable officers who oversee the day-to-day running of the church.
To all of you, Thank You.
To all our friends out there, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your enthusiastic support and generosity, without which, it would be very difficult to maintain our church.