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Open Days

5th November 1:30pm to 2:30pm and 7th November 9:15-10:15

The staff of Beeston Primary School warmly invite parents and carers to attend our upcoming open day sessions. This will be suited to both those looking to secure a place in Reception for September and those with children currently in Reception to Year 6.

Come and see our newly built Early Years and Key Stage One building, meet the hard-working staff and pupils and experience our beautiful rural setting for yourself!

Please call the office on 01328 701267  to let us know when you would like to attend.

July 2018

The Year 5/6 children from Beeston have put together a review of their very busy school year.

Mrs Piffero – I am sad to say that Mrs Piffero has left, leaving so many     wonderful memories: like the time when I first joined. I was scared at first but the way I was welcomed to Beeston Primary School was just lovely. I   remember when I accidentally called Mrs Piffero “mummy” and when we were learning all the sounds. Mrs Piffero was so nice and kind and I was very sad to hear that she was leaving. I hope that she is doing well with moving   houses. Sadly now that I am Year 6 I will soon be leaving this lovely school which is a bit upsetting because I have had lots of amazing memories. Best wishes, Alisha

Miss Forster – I am sad to say that Mrs Forster has left Beeston Primary School. She has left so many wonderful memories for me from the start of Year one to the time she left (Year 6). We will really miss her. By Alisha

SPLASH! The Swimming Gal – On 29th January 2018, Beeston Primary school entered a swimming gala at Dereham Leisure Centre. The participants were: Joe T, April and Lucy from Comets and from Planets: Tegan, Oliver, Theo, Seren, Jake and lots more. There were 13 people who went from our school.

What we had to do was pick either front crawl, back stroke or breast stroke, or you could do all of them if you wanted. The front crawl went first and there was a yellow board at the back. You had to smack it when you got to the end. Next was back crawl and you did the same again. Last was breast stroke. Everyone did very well.

By April and Kerry

GOGO Hares – We’d like to say a big thank you to the Assembly House in   Norwich for giving us the GoGO Hares. The children enjoyed making up   designs and congratulations to the winners: Dakota, Dylan, Thomas and   Alisha. Well done for all your hard work. The GOGO Hare will be shown in The Assembly House from 2nd July to the 2nd September. By Dakota

Maths Quiz – On the 25th June a few people went to Litcham High School to participate in a Y5/Y6 maths quiz. The Year 5s and 6s worked to the best of their ability and came in 3rd place, we are very grateful to have been one of the schools to compete and we look forward to future quizzes. By Harry

Mrs Norris – This year we are sadly saying goodbye to our headteacher Mrs V Norris. She has taken part in many memorable times and we are going to miss her very much. We have Mr Blocksidge taking her place, a qualified teacher who has already met some of our students. By Harry

Our Day at Northgate – On Tuesday 21st June Joe, Lexi and Harrison (three people from Beeston Primary school) went to Northgate School for an English and Maths competition. We got buddied up with two Year Sevens. We had to design a Theme Park then create brochures and basic advertisements such as: posters, magazines, even radio spots. Joe and Adam (Adam was one of the buddies) created the radio advertisement, meanwhile Harrison and Lexi     created the billboards and posters with Toby (their buddy). We had a fake 4 million pounds and we had to make sure we didn’t spend too much money because every ride and each facility cost a certain amount of money. At break they provided us with food and drinks.

By Joe V, Harrison and Lexi

My Time at Beeston – I love Beeston; it’s like a home to me. I would like to say thank you for being so kind to me and I hope it’ll carry on for the next year. I love the school mainly for the maths. I loved it when we did the     human body because some of us touched pig hearts to see what a human heart looked like because it’s similar to a humans. By Maisy

Kwik Cricke – On the 14th June 2018 Year 5 and 6 went to Great           Witchingham Cricket club to compete against other local primary schools. It was fun to watch other schools play. It was quite sunny but also quite windy so the weather was quite awesome!

By Rhys and Ryan

The New Play Field Equipment – Last year we received new play equipment for the village playing field: a net swing, a climbing frame/slide and a zipwire. We are thankful for it. It encourages children to get outside and get off screens. By Joe T

Welcoming New Faces – We give a huge welcome to our new headteacher Mr Blocksidge and Miss Harris as the new Stars Class teacher. We will miss Mrs Norris, she has been a lovely headteacher.

By Alex

The Golden Mile – Since the Golden Mile has started pupils have clogged (clocked) up lots of miles and earned lots of achievements. Kerry has earned her 10 mile award and lots of other people such as Katy, Maisy, Billy, Rhys, Seren, Harry, Thomas and Harrison. Soon someone will be reaching their 25 mile award! Classes miles as follows: Stars class = 125.92 miles Key Stage 2 = 282.59 miles. We will hope to award some more certificates soon! By Billy and Thomas

Year 6 Campout – On Friday 22nd June Year 6 Comets class had a camp out on the school field. They enjoyed doing sport activities like Catching The Flag with Mr Emmerson. Mr Vokes demonstrated to the class how to put up a tent. We had a competition; boys versus girls to see which tent was the best. The girls won with 9/10 and the boys got 8/10. At 9 o clock the children     settled down for hot chocolate and a film. At 10 o clock, lights out! The Year 6s loved camping for the night. We would like to say thank you to the     teachers who stayed – even though they got only two hours sleep! By Dakota

Road Safety Talk – Year 5s and Year 6s had a lady come in to talk about road safety and we had a quiz on the interactive white board. We were sent a   series of questions to answer using coloured cones. Afterwards, we watched a video about how dangerous the road is and about a road zombie who was wearing headphones and texting his girlfriend. He died in a car crash in the end. At the funeral his girlfriend was crying on his mother’s and father’s shoulder.

We watched another video about a boy who didn’t wear his cycle helmet and ended up brain damaged and his nerves were broken. He couldn’t straighten his arm because there was something blocking the messages getting to the brain.

In the end it taught everybody a really good lesson to always be safe near roads and wear a helmet. By Billy and Thomas

Sports Day – On 12th June we had sports day. Northgate students came into take sports day with our PE teacher Mr Emmerson. There were various     activities and we competed with our chosen groups. There were about seven activities not including the drinks session! Every activity was different,     varying from relay to catching and tennis. Overall it was a lot of fun and Holkham came 1st, Cromer 2nd and Wells 3rd. Holkham group won the small group award.

By Thomas

Litcham Lit Quiz – On the 2nd of July, Beeston took part in the Litcham   Cluster Book quiz. We competed against four other schools and two other teams (Year sevens and teachers). There were nine rounds with different   subjects for each one. In between each round there were bookmark questions where the person who answered correctly would win a bookmark. St Mary’s came first and they got a trophy, dictionary and a frisbee and something in an envelope. We either came 4th or 5th. By Joe and April

Welcome back Mrs Snell – After a year away, Mrs Snell has returned to teach the lovely Comets class after having a baby. She has been a lovely teacher to everyone. She is always jolly and happy and lots of fun! Thanks Mrs Snell for letting us have a lovely year! By Alex

What I am looking forward to – I am looking forward to meeting some new people and some new teachers and doing some different work and IT. I am going to miss the people in Beeston Primary School. By Kerry and Ryan

Litcham Cluster Book Club – On Tuesday 26th June the Year 6 from Beeston Primary School went in a mini bus until we got to Litcham. All the other  primary schools came on a minibus. We got to write all different comments on paper with the cluster books on it. Year Sevens stuck different pictures on our backs and we had to guess our picture character. The different primary schools were all mixed up and we did a quick practice for 2nd July. By Billy

The Big Pump – On Monday 25th of June, Comets class went to The Big Pump. They enjoyed making instruments and playing the big organs. The children had the time of their lives even though the teachers went home with a headache! By Dakota





January 2018

We have had a very busy autumn term and are now looking forward to the new opportunities 2018 will bring, both as a school and as a Trust (as we are part of Unity Education Trust).

Open afternoon

We had an open afternoon in December, where we invited prospective new families to join a Story Café in our youngest Class; Stars Class.  We will be holding further such events over the course of the year.

If you would like to visit the school in the meantime, please call the school office and make an appointment with Caroline Bell on 01328 701267 or email: [email protected] .We would love to show you around our lovely school.

Golden Mile

Well done to all the children who have been participating in the ‘Golden Mile’. Children have the opportunity to walk/run regularly and log their miles.  Since we have started this initiative the miles clocked up by the classes are as follows:-

Stars Class EYFS/KS1- 51.35miles

Key Stage 2 (Planets and Comets Class) – 78.23miles

Congratulations goes to Kerry B in Comets Class who is the first person in the school to achieve her 10 mile Golden Mile Certificate. Well done Kerry.  We look forward to many more in 2018.  Here’s to a healthy and fit 2018.


We are thrilled to let you know that the Assembly House Trust in Norwich have agreed to fund a package for Beeston Primary School to participate in the  ‘GoGoCreate’ Project.  Our  school leveret sculpture will be on display in Norwich from 24th June to 8th September 2018 in the  ‘GoGoHares’ trail.  Watch out for further information.


We raised £170.56 with our Christingle candle collection boxes and traditional church service led by Reverend Hemp, and we had over 70 people in attendance,  thank you.  The singing was brought to life this year with live music from Mrs Wheeler, thank you for this lovely addition.

Whole school Cathedral trip 

Thanks to the Friends of Beeston School we were able to take  the whole school  to ‘Follow  the Star’ and discover advent  and Christmas at the Cathedral on the last Monday of term.  It was an enjoyable day of learning and a nice treat for the end of term, thank you to FOBS.

Comets Class Mid-Norfolk Food Bank

Comets class organised a Christmas collection for the Mid-Norfolk Food Bank, this linked in to their topic  learning in class.  The food was safely delivered to the Dereham hub to be used over the Christmas period.

West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership(WNDSSP) 

In December year 4 and year 5 participated in the small schools Sports Hall  Athletics event being held at UEA.  They had a good team day out of school and we  look forward to participating in further such events in 2018, ensuring that our children have the opportunity to participate in a varied number of sporting events both in Dereham and Norwich.

Stars Class – Road Safety Talk

Thank you to Tracey Lingfield from Norfolk County Council for bringing Bethany & Benjamin into Stars Class in December for a road safety  talk.  The children enjoyed meeting their informative visitors.

E-safety talk for parents

There will be an e-safety talk for parents in January about how to help to keep your children safe online:key information for the world we live in.

Family Learning / Sharing our learning assemblies

We continue to offer family shared learning opportunities via our Story Cafes and through Sharing our Learning assemblies for each class, where the children share their curriculum learning with parents and carers.

Friday Open mornings

All parents/carers have the opportunity to come into the classroom every Friday between 8:35and8:50am so that their child can share their learning, or show items on display/objects in the classroom.


Breakfast club runs daily from 8am and our after-school club runs  daily from 3pm to 4:30pm.

Victoria Norris, Head of School


November 2017

We need you!

We are looking for parents and/or members of the local community to join the Local Governing Board.

We meet twice a term and our aim is to put the children at the heart of all we do. If you would like to know more, please contact Mrs Norris, Head of School ([email protected]) or our Chair of Governors, Julie Lawrence via [email protected]

Tesco Harvest Trail

Thank you to all staff and parent helpers who joined us on this harvest trail trip. A very interesting visit was had by all and we enjoyed making soup in each class with the vegetables we were given to bring back.

Here are some of their comments from Stars Class after they tasted it:

Grace and Georgia both said: ‘I love it!’ Jessica said ‘it was delicious’.

Jerome said ‘it was yummy’.

Alex used the word ‘scrumptious.’

Toby commented that he thought he wouldn’t like it but he did!

MacMillan coffee morning Friday 29th September

The MacMillan fundraising coffee morning was run by year 6 supported by Miss Forster. A total of £234.27 was raised for this very worthy cause, thank you to all our visitors for their support.

Year 6 – Primary Maths Challenge – hosted by Northgate High School

Our team of four year 6 children represented Beeston at the Primary Maths Challenge at the end of September. All four were awarded a Team Ant certificate and made Mrs Norris very proud with their efforts.

Year 1 & 2 Pedestrian Training – Step On

On Thursday 5th October year 1 and year 2 children from Stars Class will be participating in pedestrian training, to ensure they are road aware. Thank you very much to Ms Lingfield of Norfolk County Council who offer this service to schools.

Year 6 On-road Cycling

On-road sessions for year 6 took place over four sessions in October, to give them road awareness training. Again thanks to Ms Lingfield of Norfolk County Council who are providing this training.

Litcham Book Club

We are lucky again to be included in Litcham School’s Book Club. Mrs Berry, librarian at Litcham High School, has organised sets of the same books to be rotated around local primary schools for the interest, enjoyment or contemplation of year 6 children.

In previous years children have written book reviews upon completion, however this year they have the opportunity to upload their comments to Litcham School’s ‘twitter’ account. The finale to Book Club occurs next summer when the year 6 children will be invited to participate in book quizzes and book talks at Litcham High School.

The 392nd Bomb Group has regular contact with Beeston Primary School via John Gilbert. Mr Gilbert was a schoolboy at the school during the war and he has just returned from a convention in America, where he was given two books for the school written by Ralph Welsh.

The books contained the following information for the school:

‘My name is Ralph Welsh……. I’m a 93¾ year old thirty-three mission B/24 pilot/crew commander, 8th AF 1944.’ The books are entitled ‘Bombs Away   Volume 1 and Volume 2’ and they give a collection of veteran accounts.   The books are available to order from Amazon. Clubs

This half-term, in addition to our breakfast club and tea time club, we are running two sports clubs, one for younger children and the other for the older children. We are looking at enhancing our after school club offer in the future.

Friday Open mornings

We give all parents/carers the opportunity to come into the classroom every Friday between 8:35am and 8.55am so that their child can share their learning, or show items on display and objects in the classroom.

Family Learning, Story café & Sharing our learning assembly (SOLA)

We continue to offer family shared learning opportunities via our Story Cafes. Stars Class parents enjoyed a cafe in September and Planets and Comets Class will host these in October and November.

We are also introducing ‘Sharing our Learning’ assemblies where each class shares with parents and carers their learning from the curriculum.

Unity Education Trust Update

Unity Education Trust (UET) was established in March 2017. There are currently 5 academies within our trust;

Beeston Primary School

Garvestone Primary School

Grove House Infant and Nursery School

Kings Park Infant School

Northgate High School and Dereham Sixth Form College.

UET is a multi-academy trust built on developing like-minded schools to the level of outstanding and beyond through collaborative working that develops a unity of purpose in all that we do.

The Unity Education Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for all our learners and we continue to work hard to deliver outstanding education for learners from pre-school right up to age 19.

As we are part of UET, Beeston have participated in the Dereham Carnival with the UET carnival float, we are now a member of the West Norwich and Dereham Schools Sports Partnership (giving us opportunities to access good quality sporting opportunities) and we now have a shared UET Senco working across the primary and infant schools.

UET ensures that each of our academies maintains its unique identity at the heart of their community and engages with all partners and stakeholders and other high performing educational organisations.


We are now operating accounts with Facebook and Twitter, please ‘like’ and keep up to date with our news. We will use this as an information service to parents and carers and the local community.

FaceBook: Beeston Primary School – Norfolk

Twitter: @BeestonSchool

September 2017

My name is Mrs Norris and I am the newly appointed Head of School at Beeston. I have taken up the post after having recently worked at one of our Unity Education Trust Schools and having been a Head at two other Norfolk primary schools. We look forward to meeting parents/carers and Beeston residents over the coming months.

New School Year

We welcomed new children and staff into school at the beginning of September and are pleased to report that all have settled into life well at Beeston Primary School.


We have trips planned to Tesco to participate in their new autumn harvest trail, all classes will visit and take part in the in store visits and spend time in the Tesco education room.

Friday 29th September will see us providing our annual support for the   Macmillan Coffee Morning, our Year 6 children will host the fundraiser and parents/carers are invited to join us to raise funds for this event.

Exciting changes

Our classes sharing our learning assemblies (SOLA) will start this term alongside our new creative curriculum. Our Topic themes in each class are:-

Stars Class – Whatever the weather – we will be learning about materials, weather and seasons.

Planets Class – It’s all Greek to me! – we will be learning about Ancient Greece – about place and time.

Comets Class – Abracadabra – we will be learning about materials, their     properties and behaviour.

Forest Schools – we welcome Mrs Ostler an experienced Forest Schools     teacher to our school once a week to teach all classes. Each class will be taught once a fortnight.

Learning Heroes

At Beeston Primary School we place learning at the heart of all that we do. We are starting to encourage the children to talk about their learning more effectively. We intend to achieve this through a ‘building our learning power’ project.

What is Building Learning Power?

We can continually expand our capacity to learn in new and challenging circumstances throughout our life. In the developing field of ‘learning to learn’, research suggests that there are several broad dispositions that we need to develop in order to become successful learners.

Professor Guy Claxton suggests that there are four key learning dispositions:




Reciprocity/social relationships

We have adapted these headings to use in our every day learning at Beeston Primary School. Each disposition has different animal characters. Each character has different learning behaviours that the children can talk about and try to develop within themselves. Every Friday, in our celebration     assembly, the children will be awarded certificates for showing one or more of these four learning powers, which help them become successful learners.


To support school communication our weekly newsletter will be available for you to read on our brand new website and we will also be operating a school Facebook and Twitter account.

Twitter account: Beeston School @Beestonschool

Facebook account will be: Beeston Primary School (Norfolk).

We look forward to sharing with you our learning on a monthly basis and all our news from Beeston Primary School.

Victoria Norris, Head of School, Beeston Primary School

June 2017

The last few months at Beeston primary school have been full of hard work and preparation with SATS coming up for Y6 and Y2. By the time you read this we will have all completed them and be having a well-deserved break!

This term, Comets have been learning about friendships and prior to that it was map skills. They have recently made a friendship magazine in groups of 4 to help young people and their friendship problems. In map skills we have been using 6 figure grid references to find places on a map.

Planets class has been busy learning about modern Europe and rocks and fossils. They have been using atlases to find places in Europe. In Rocks and Fossils they have been using pipettes to see whether water can go through some rocks or not. Scott says, “there are 43 countries in Europe.” Joe and Lexi quote: “we had to do a puzzle to find out about the countries,” and finally Tilly says: “we have learnt that if acid drops onto rocks they will sometimes fizz away.”

Stars class has been looking at mini-beasts and the children have gathered a lot of information. Alex and Emma say: “the parts of a mini-beast are the head, thorax and abdomen.” Jessica says, “some mini-beasts have             exoskeletons.” Toby quotes, “an ant, ladybird, spider and scorpion have an exoskeleton.” They have also made a life cycle wheel of a butterfly.

Sophie and Harriet, Wells House Captains


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