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Well it was that time of year again to spruce up our village. Eighteen hardy souls donned hi-viz jackets and put on sturdy boots and set off in and around the byways of Beeston armed only with litter pickers an lotsof bags.

True to form it was cold, wet and windy but everyone just got on with it in the true spirit of the community. Again, as last year, it was a good job we had lots of bags, as we collected 69 bags of rubbish from the road into Beeston from the A47 end and some of the roads in from other directions.     Well done litter louts, you’ve beaten last years total of bags collected! In our collection was a child’s car seat, a traffic cone, bottles of urine, a video recorder and dozens of cans, plastic bottles and Mc Donald’s bags. Why do people do this.? I’m sure they don’t fill their houses with rubbish so why throw it out without a thought for our beautiful countryside ? Take it home please or put it in your own bin when you leave your vehicle.     Huge thanks to everyone who took part and thanks to Suzy and Hugh Scott for providing hot soup and sausage baps at the end of the pick at their  farmhouse.

Kim and Sue Wheeler